Jule Snap-Gels TM


Jule 2nd dimension slab gels for 2D electrophoresis are available in mini and large sizes.


Cancer Research, Biomarkers, Proteomics, and Two-Dimensional Electrophoresis

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Large Precast Gels for the Ettan Dalt, BioRad Protean Plus, Hoefer SE900 and Iso Dalt.

Snap-a-Gel Cassettes size is 27.6 wide x 21.7 tall.  Made with regular or low fluorescence glass plates.

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Image of Large Size Gel for Ettan Dalt, etc. Image showing a 2D separation


Large Size Precast Gels for the BioRad Apparatuses

Length of IPG or Tube Gel for BioRad Protean II and IIxi Style Cassettes:

    The Large Size Cassettes that fit into the BioRad Apparatus are provided with a flat top in order to accept a first dimension IPG strip or tube gel up to 18 cm long.  1.0 cm wide spacers are provided for 2D work, leaving 18 cm of length across the top of the Gel for an IPG strip.  If one reference sample well is requested, then up to a 17 cm long 1st dimension IPG strip can be inserted.  Be sure to obtain the 2D Gasket Kit from BioRad (click here).


These precast gels will fit into the  Bio-Rad Protean II and IIxi (16cm front plate x 20cm wide glass plates and New 20cm x 20cm cassette), and the Owl Emperor Penguin #P10DS-1,-2,-3 (16cm x 20cm glass plates). The gels have one large well for the 1st dimension IPG Strip (plus optional reference well for standards). Single and gradient concentration gels are available.  More information


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Large Precast Gel comes in a standard and longer length BioRad Protean II and Protean IIxi.  The Protean IIxi will run the standard and long cassettes.


Large Size Jule Precast Gels for the Hoefer Apparatus

These Large size gels will run in the GE-Amersham-Pharmacia-Hoefer SE400, SE600, Ruby SE600, SE650, SE660, and SE700 (16cm x 18cm glass plates).   Large size Gels for the Hoefer manufactured units are poured within 1.0 cm from the top of plate with an ultra flat top in order to accept an IPG strip or IEF Gel.  Available in 1.0 mm, or 1.50mm Gel Thickness. New!  Low fluorescence glass is now available for this cassette size (16cm tall x 18 cm wide).

Length of IPG:   The Large size cassettes that fit into the Hoefer Apparatus will accept a first dimension IPG strip or tube gels up to 14 cm long.  Each reference well requested removes 1cm from the large well (so a gel with one reference well will take a 13 cm IPG Strip.  More Information




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Hoefer Precast Gel fits into the SE400 and SE 600 series of Gel Units. Hoefer SE600 Series Electrophoresis Gel Unit

Sample image of a 2D run on a Hoefer Unit.



Precast 2D Gels for the Mini Gel Apparatuses

Jule Mini Cassette with 2D comb, which provides sample well and larger well for mini IPG Strip Sample 2D run on a mini gel.  Larger Gels provide better resolution for complex samples Jule Gels fit into these gel units and some other ones as well
The mini gels (8cm x 10cm cassette size) will run in most mini vertical units.

Use a 6 cm IPG strip or tube gel. Cassette above shows a reference well and large well.  Gels can also be ordered without a reference well. More information

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