Jule Precast Mini Snap-Gels™

 $99.50 per 10 Single Concentration Gels


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Fast Run Times

High Performance

Universal Compatibility

Easy to see sample wells

0.75 mm thick gels for quick blotting and staining. 

1.00 mm gels for general purpose use.

1.50 mm thick gels for loading more sample.


Jule Snap-Gels™ 

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Now with 12 month shelf life


12 month shelf life

Run with standard Tris-Glycine running buffer.

Standard (Laemmli) Gels Still Available.

Jule 10 to 20 % Gradient Gel

1) Choose Gel Concentration

2) Build Gel Part Number

3) Gel Prices

4) Place an Order



Gels fit most electrophoresis apparatuses. See more units below.

All about the Mini Gels/Cassettes

Sample Well Volumes

Mini Gel Thickness, .75 mm

Total Volume per Well, µL

10 Sample Wells 25
15 Sample Wells 18

Mini Gel Thickness, 1.00 mm

Total Volume per Well, µL

10 Sample Wells 33
15 Sample Wells 25

Mini Gel Thickness, 1.50 mm

Total Volume per Well, µL

10 Sample Wells 50
15 Sample Wells 37


Jule mini gels fit into these and other gel units.



Jule Snap-Gels fit and run in the BioRad Mini Protean Cells
Bio Rad Protean II - 3  outer Box.  Protean II uses screws and Protea 3 using doors to clamp cassettes. Photo of BioRad Tetra Cell which runs 4 gels.
Mini Protean II Mini Protean 3 Tetra (runs 4 Gels) Mini Protean Dodeca Cell
BioRad Protean II Clamp Device uses 4 screws.  Select "BM" in Part Number.


Photo shows 4 screws used to clamp cassettes (original Protean II).
Select "BM" in Part Number to receive the Universal Cassettes.  Request free leak proof gaskets from Jule, Inc. in order to run 2 gels at a time in the Protean 3.  Photo shows 2 doors used to clamp cassette.  This new configuration was called Protean 3.

Select "BM in Part Number to receive the Universal Cassettes. Optional: Free gaskets from Jule for leak free operation. 


To see how Jule Mini Gels/Cassettes fit into your apparatus

click on your apparatus below:


GE Healthcare/Hoefer Mighty Small, SE250

Thermo EC120

BioRad Mini Protean II - 3 Gel Box

Hoefer SE250 with Jule precast mini gels inserted

EC 120 Gel Box

 Owl Penguin P8DS

Life Technologies (Formerly Invitrogen and Novex) Apparatuses

Hoefer miniVE, SE300

Owl P8DS-2  Gel Box

Noves Gel Box generic photo.  Jule Gels fit into this one and other versions.

Hoefer Scientific Mini Gel Unit.