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Jule Dual Piston Gradient Formers
Gradient Formers, Dual Piston, Jule, Inc.
How they work in automatic mode.
How they work in manual mode.

Jule Dual Piston Gradient Formers produce near perfect gradients in less than 2 minutes.  They are ideal for pouring both polyacrylamide gradient gels and sucrose gradients into centrifuge tubes. The patented dual piston design keeps the fluid level in each chamber equal during gradient formation regardless of the difference in density or viscosity of the two fluids being mixed.   The Jule Gradient Former makes it easy to pour accurate and reproducible gradients.  You can expect to see improved separation of your samples especially when two bands are very close in size.
Each Gradient Former comes complete with stir bar and tubing and is ready to use immediately.  The Operator's Manual provides instructions on how to make linear and exponential gradients.  Satisfaction guaranteed.
Gradient Former without pistons.  Better with Pistons  The dual pistons prevent uneven liquid levels which cause non-linear gradients.   
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